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Manitou Incline Story

Welcome back! Thank you for being here. I hope you are enjoying my stories. I hope they inspire you to go after your dreams. Please let me know if the lessons in each story help you in any way. Email

The Manitou Incline is no joke! Professional athletes go here to train. The first time we tried the incline, we made it to the breakaway point. We thought this was the halfway point. We were wrong. It is so close to the end, but, it is also the hardest part of the incline. I am getting ahead of myself though.

We were standing at the bottom of the incline looking up. This was not going to be easy. I looked at the group I was with and let them know not to wait on me. They could all go ahead and I would see them at the top.

I later found out, this was a very common thing. As people started going at their own pace. I found groups of people that were going my pace. I would be on a break and would cheer them on as they went up one step at a time. Then I would get going and the same people would be on a break and they would cheer me on as I passed.

When I made it up to the breakaway point, everyone from my group had been there for about 30 min and were ready to head back down. We would take the second half next time.

Next time was about a year later. It was time, we were going to make it to the top no matter what. We met at the bottom, again I told the group to go ahead and not wait on me. This time Adrien stayed with me. We walked up together. We were going to the top.

As I was going and going I kept looking to the top of the incline (Or at least the breakaway. We couldn't really see the top yet. On one of our next breaks, Adrien asked me why I kept looking at the top. I told him that I was keeping my eye on the prize, that I was going to make it. Adrien wasn't fooled. He knew from the look on my face that I was upset we weren't further along and I was doubting my ability to get to the top. He saw what I didn't recognize, each time I looked how far away the goal was, I would get a little more discouraged.

At that point Adrien looked at me and said Don't look at the top, it's not going anywhere. The mountain isn't all of a sudden crumble to the ground. Instead, look at how far you have come. One step at a time made me realize that I was more than half way to the break out point. I had come so far! Much further than I thought.

Feeling more accomplished, we carried on. We took a few steps, then rested for just long enough to catch our breath and continued on. By not looking at where I was going, I stayed more motivated. Every now and then I would look at how far we had come. But I did not look at the top. Once we reached the breakaway, we realized the top really wasn't that much further ahead. It was more difficult, but we were about 3/4 done rather than 1/2 way done! Thank goodness this was more inspiring because we were almost at the top. Closer to the top than the bottom for sure.

We continued on, one step at a time. Before I knew it we were at the top. I have a picture of me laying on the ground at the top of the incline! It was amazing!

Adrien had given me a huge lesson in staying motivated when your goal seems like it is getting further and further away from you. Stop and take a look back and recognize how far you have come. I use this in all aspects of my life now.

What mountain are you climbing that feels like the top is way out of being possible? How can you break it up into steps along the way rather than forcing it? How can you make that mountain fun? As a society we have been taught that everything is a fight.

The reality is, if you love what you do and it feels like a fight. You may just need to find a different perspective.

Send me your Thoughts, struggles, and successes! Email

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