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The Root Center in the Human Design Bodygraph

Today I want to cover the root center. I'll go over:

  • Differences in a defined or open root center

  • Perks and challenges for each.

  • How a defined vs. open root gates of the root interact with eachother

  • Explanation of the nine gates: Gate 41, Gate 39, Gate 19, Gate 52, Gate 60, Gate 53, Gate 54, Gate 38 and Gate 58

  • The important role the root plays

The Open/Undefined Root Center

The root center in human design is one of two pressure centers (the head being the other). The pressure coming from these centers is heightened when the center is open. For example, if you your root center is open or undefined, will carry stress here. This stress is caused by the pressure to get things done. Without you even realizing it, the pressure can cause a lot of conditioning. I will get to how the two interact together in a bit.

The conditioning comes from not knowing when to put the list of things that need to be done down and take real rest. It stems from a fear that there isn't enough time for you to complete everything and you have will have to push through. The problem with this is the list will never end, and if you don't set boundaries for yourself, you will burn yourself out. When we are so afraid of not achieving and finishing every list but we keep adding tasks to it faster than we can ever manage, we will end up lost, confused and exhausted.

The biggest lesson for people with an undefined root center to master is learning how to feel okay with not getting everything done right now. What is the worst that could happen? It might be uncomfortable, but you can figure out what is worth prioritizing. The gates/channels in your chart will help you truly master the root center, and strengthen the bond and understanding of how this energy works for you and what energy is available to you consistently.

The Closed/Defined Root Center

The root center for people who have this defined:

If you are defined by a connection to the sacral, this is a powerful aspect that can really help you find insights on how your energy is connected to the rest of your chart/ how you operate in the world.

If you are defined through a channel to the solar plexus you feel that something is right over time, and through the emotional wave you just feel it is right. It is also how you deal with emotional stress because so often when you have a defined root and solar plexus you are going to deal with life through your emotions. Realizing there is no truth in the now and only time with reveal the truth, and decisions with solid foundations can be made.

If you are defined through a channel to the spleen it tells you that you have a fixed way of dealing with survival. Often fear is associated with this, or it can be in the moment. All and all, if you have a defined root you want to ensure you follow strategy and authority above all and navigate the energy that is given to you to find the correct timing on things and when to get things done, and of course allow for rest!

How Someone With a Defined Root Center Impacts Someone With an Open Root Center

I think this is a very important thing to talk about. How someone with a defined root (I have my root defined) can impact someone or make someone with an open root center feel pressure without intentionally provoking it in the undefined person. It is a powerful combination and something that both parties need to be aware of. However, specifically if you have this center open, understand that even though you might interpret something as having pressure, it likely does not. Ensure good communication and ask if you need clarification. That will ensure you, and the other are able to navigate and respect the differences as well.

Gates of the Root Center

Gate 41: Gate of Contraction/Fantasy

  • For the collective human experience - root center (all human experience starts here).

  • The pressure for new experiences and to gain experiences in the world.

  • It pressures desire – that makes this so powerful.


  • Limitation results in maximization through our abilities to dream and use CREATIVITY

  • We can enter an experience without having to do it (read it, watch about it, dream of it, etc.).

  • Reflection and ability to store history and use your history guide us – but not everyone

  • needs to fulfill this!

  • Desiring things that are REASONABLE or PRACTICAL to YOU (but can take in experiences that are not practical for you either).

Gate 39: Provocation

  • Passionate and creative people.

  • They can provoke people into souls purpose, and break it down.

  • They see a problem but its with their energy even by saying nothing it can bring up a feeling of discomfort in the other.

  • Must be able to make sure you stay in love because this gate only works with the ones ability to stay in love and to be of service by being who you truly are and showing people by action and being yourself, that they can find abundance and be that way as well.

  • It's by being mindful of this power and following strategy and authority that create a loving space to use action or words to push people towards abundance.

Gate 19: Gate of Approach

  • Highly sensitive channel.

  • Able to see the survival needs to help community with food water or shelter.

  • Vulnerability and heart will amplify this gate and the abundance possible in the value of sharing and helping.

Gate 52: Gate of Perspective/Stillness

  • To allow yourself to see the big picture and sit in stillness in order to stay grounded. Only then are you truly able to make a choice on where your energy is needed most

  • There is creative energy in this gate. A willingness to sit and wait for the right timing or the perfect moment to reveal itself.

  • Lots of patience in this gate.

Gate 60: Gate of Limitations

  • In root center- if undefined it wants to get rid of pressure (openness will amplifying your impatience with limitations)

  • Format energy and root of the individual mutation. Gate of acceptance of limitation and is the first step of transcendence.

  • WHAT IS THE DEEPEST TRUTH? Wants to find the heart of our human design chart.

  • If we act correctly within the limitation of something we transcend it. We are able to accept and surrender to our form and opening up our spirit and light to our personality.

  • 61st gate is polarity: both pressure gates.

  • The acceptance of mutation until mutation takes place. Everything is limited and accepted until it mutates.

  • There is no knowing until you know.

  • Mutation may not come, all one can do is accept. Must remain harmonic and deal with external limitation.

  • Even when mutation arises, there will be a new mutation. Its constantly replacing. Always going to be limitation. So must accept the process as it is.

Gate 53: Gate of Beginnings/Starting Things

  • This gate can bring energy and experience when responding that is either correct for just them or the right energy for the ones around them at the time.

  • This gate is not about finishing and can have unfinished projects.

  • The key insight on when it feels like the right timing is when people and things align for you to finish them without a lot of effort – just naturally you’ll find opportunities to respond to the people who might be correct in finishing a project or carrying it past the beginning state

Gate 54 Gate of Ambition/Drive

  • Has the drive to lay foundation of ideas and energetically sending it out into the world with help and support.

  • Can easily have risk of burn out because it just pushes and pushes (can lead to feeling bitter if there is no recognition).

  • When it has help and support and is recognized it can take the potential of the foundation to the highest level.

Gate 38: The Fighter

  • Ability in time to know what's worth fighting for – this gate without you knowing you have it can be feel lonely if people are pushing you away because of your choices of what you believe to have value.

  • The things you find worth fighting for can only be determined by you and with the stubbornness in this gate do so as much as possible with love and hold the things you value with love and not out of fear.

  • You stand up for others who can’t stand up for themselves.

  • Overtime you’ll find that waiting for the invitation from people who ask you what’s going on if you are struggling to hold onto something of value that they are right for you and will be people worth holding onto.

Gate 58: Gate of Vitality/Gate of Joy:

  • To live in the flow of joy and understanding that joy is something that grows with mastery and time.

  • This gate knows that by accepting your low moments means its time to spend some time alone.

  • You can hardness this energy and have an ability to find joy in the emotional wave.

Final Note

Finally, I said at the start that there is an important role this root center can play in our lives. That is divine timing. It shows us that with time and only in divine timing all things we want are worthy of waiting for. Be patient with yourself and follow your own flow.

To further understand this powerful center and where this pressure stems from, I recommend booking a reading with a professional. You can always book with me - I love this kind of stuff. Sometimes things like this can transform people when they get to the heart of what they truly need and how their energy works by maintaining a balance of rest, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Promise the pressure will likely be there tomorrow. :)

For any questions please don't hesitate to reach out via text or email.


Text/Phone: (573) 239-1356

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Saint Louis, MO 63110 United States

I love you all so much. May your day be filled with joyful encounters.

- Sammy Mills

CEO of SacredSessions

Advanced ThetaHealer

Human Design Specialist

Reiki Master

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