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Choices Part 2

I believe we left off with me changing the voice in my head. Did you try it yet? If not try it. Wait for that negative voice to come and tell you all the things you hear when you dare to think of something you would like to do. Then say AH HA!! There you are! Then assign that voice. You won't catch it everytime, but the more you do it, the more it will happen naturally. I am to a point now where I say ha ha not today jackass! I smile and replace the thought with a better solution. One that I would advise my best friend to do if she were going through what I was going through at that moment. I will let you know I write like I talk. If you have grammar police tendencies, I will make you crazy. Hopefully you can look past this to the message that is being delivered. If not, hopefully you find one that helps you.

Ok now that that is done. On with the next step in the journey. I started watching youtube videos, searching for something I would want to do. Something that seemed possible for my life, that would get me out of bed in the morning.

I started watching people who were living in RVs. The places they would go, The good and the bad experiences they would have. One in particular was doing exactly what I wanted to do. Traveling Robert sparked something in me and I just had to figure out how we could have that life. Robert travels all over the US in his RV and shares videos of the places he visits. Every Sunday Adrien (My husband) and I have breakfast together, drink our coffee, and every time Robert says "Good Morning" We say good morning and cheers our coffee cups. Watching Robert's videos I could start to see what my dream life looked like.

When I first brought it up to Adiren, I think he was a little shocked. It took some time for him to get as excited about it as I was. But, the more we watched the videos, the more Adrien caught the RV bug. Now we talk about what our life will be like with our SuperC RV. We will travel the US and see every NFL stadium, hike the trails, play golf, and see what this big beautiful country has to offer. As we do all of this, I want to help women around the country get out of the fight or flight mode ,and into a life where their future looks bright. One where you know your dreams can come true.

I will be using this blog to show you that dreams can come true. The universe does deliver and you can truly have the life of your dreams. With excitement in my heart and hope shinning bright, this is the next step in my journey. Comment on here what journey you are on, or you can email it to me and I can share it anonymously. Send emails to . I look forward to the interaction part of this blog, so please leave your comments, questions, and successes you have along the way.

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