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How to Dress for your Body Type with Confidence

How to Dress for Your Body with Confidence

BBI’s Body Positivity Challenge day 12 is about how I learned to pick clothing that remained ascetic to my style with confidence e and comfort. This guide is here to show you how to easily pick out outfits each morning with confidence.

What does dressing for your body type mean?

Dressing for your body type to me means never having to put on a dress and look at yourself in the mirror and feel your confidence levels drop instantly. Let’s dive into how to turn your closet into an easy to choose an outfit of the day, every day.

1: Accepting you need to make a change.

Do you feel constantly frustrated trying to pick out clothes? Or like me did there come a day your closet was consuming you and your space. If you are overwhelmed by options, clutter, and clothing that doesn’t fit then it’s time to make a change.

2: The Purge.

Take out every item you have and ask yourself if you feel confident wearing this. When I did this I put on most of my clothing and instantly knew whether or not it was helping my body confidence and style. I ended up filling 4 trash bags of clothes.

Example: I got rid of every pair of pants that weren’t high-waisted. Why? I feel more comfortable in them, they fit my figure and well I love the style too.


After clearing out your closet, for real this time, you will be left with a lot of clothes. I would go through them and if you have any nice items you can sell of course do that first. Then the remaining items that are in good condition should be donated if possible. It felt so good going to a donation drop-off and just giving loads and loads of cute clothes into these giant bins. I knew that someone else would feel confident wearing them.

Part 4: Now you have a closet full of clothes you feel both comfortable in and beautiful!

This not only takes out the annoying “what should I wear’ feeling every morning, but it also makes you feel lighter. When I was finished and looked at my closet I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. I loved everything I saw in my closet and that was quite a moment.


Do not buy something just because it's on sale or cute. This was all I did for years, and it was not only a waste of money but I usually didn't wear most of them because I hated how it looked on MY BODY. When you buy clothing try it on and ask yourself if you feel comfortable.

People think that beautiful clothing has to be uncomfortable, They are so wrong.

Example: I wear heels almost daily because I learned which ones worked for me. It is about the quality of the heel, the thickness, and what type of shoes work best for you. I didn't have to give up my love for shoes, I just adapted by making sure the heel were thicker and I could walk comfortably in them for hours, not just ten minutes.

Part 6: Quizzes and information to get you started!

The joy of Clothes quiz and information "The Guide To Body Shapes Overview" (if you scroll down there is more information on clothing for EACH body type.

Jennifer post a quiz on "What Dress Flatters Your Body Type"

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