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This challenge is a chance to engage with you all, and give you a chance to choose to share my mission with others, I encourage you to reach out, comment, let me know how I can best help and grow with you.

My name is Sammy, and my company Beyond Body Images (BBI) would like a few moments to go deeper into who we are, and why your engagement and share my story!

Question 1: What is your hope for today’s challenge?

Engage, engage, engage! I want to answer questions and get feedback on what you’d like to see more of from BBI in the coming months! Although, we have some exciting

events coming soon, so stay tuned.

For now, I am on a mission to spread my brand to as many people as I can. Not because I want to have a famous company, make a ton of money, or anything like that. I want as many people as we together can reach find value in my words and mission.

I don’t expect someone to buy a product with my logo on it without first seeing the beauty in the message it has to offer.

My company chooses to focus on building your trust instead of choosing to focus on the quickest profit. My heart is full of the purest intentions and I know that as that is shown more money is needed to continue to give to more and more charities will come.

BBI is about making the world better for the next generation by choosing to be better.

Question 2: What makes your brand worthy of my support?

BBI truly supports all of you, and I hope you choose to support us too. If you need resources or talk about getting help for your eating you can, of course, reach out and I will get you to ANAD who has medical trained professionals and resources of all different kinds. I work firsthand volunteering with ANAD, and trust me they will get you what you need and will support you with kindness, humbly. That is why I give them 10% off every sale.

I want to grow to give back, even more, you must know that my company cares more about its impact than making a few extra bucks. Those bucks would go to charity.

Hopefully, you now see the beauty in both company

and charity. I can share the positivity and be a real person that you can see and know you are not alone, and that you do not need any criteria to be welcomed into BBI’s community.

It’s a community of hope, and it gives me a chance then continued supporting those we are on a journey of recovery. For them, I hope to be a reminder that life might break us down sometimes, but if it does BBI's community with your help can grow and become a community that supports each other with positivity!

BBI | A Brand who is Powerful because of your Support

3: How will you show us that we all should believe in your company?

Body shaming has no box yet we put everyone in one. They check the criteria and you become branded for life. My company doesn’t want you in a box, that is where presents go. You are more valuable than any present, and you cant be taped down and wrapped up in a glossy paper. You cant be fixed with a beautiful lace bow keeping you together.

Don't ever feel like you aren’t worthy of talking about how much you are hurting, whether you are uncomfortable with your body. I want to inspire that in you because you all inspire me to always work as hard as I can so w can one day be proud of the work we have accomplished here.

My story doesn’t deserve to be heard more than someone else’s, it matters because there are so many others out there who have a story that deserves to be told. Within a year I hope to be sharing them because nobody’s story is more important, that's why mine matters. It is the first story of BBI’s company, but it certainly isn’t the only one. I was just a teenage girl full of energy,

I was fearless and my ED turned it into fear.

You are worthy of love. Your spirit can spread contagious light when we are fully accepting of our flaws. Nobody is going to love everything about themselves, but you must look past the small flaws and see the person behind them. Stop looking at someone else and being angry with them and yourself that you aren’t as pretty, as strong, or as skinny. They don't deserve that and neither do you. Instead, become friends and I bet you both will now have someone to come to when you don't feel beautiful, and they will lift you back up.

I can't begin to thank the people who follow my pages and read my post. Whether or not you have commented, reached out, or simply read and took something with you, I would never have been able to believe in the value this company’s potential has if it wasn’t for the amazing response from day one I have been getting.

There are multiple ways to share, whether you do it from my blog article and just click on which platform to share it too and tag my brand in it! That would be so helpful and I would love to hear what content is helpful and any feedback!

Follow my page on instagram and FB for updates and positive posts with a community that is growing quickly! Just click on the icon at the end of the post to share this directly to whatever platform you want!

I want to be as available as I can to connect and make meaningful moments with all of you, so as we look towards this next year I hope that you continue to believe in beyond body images.


Sammy Mills

CEO and Founder

Beyond Body Images LLC

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