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Body Positive

A poem about my journey with body positivity in a child like mantra. A ballad format...well, a ballad like format.

A girl stood beneath the night sky

with universal energy in her lonely eyes.

“I wish to be thin,” she said to the stars.

She tried and tried as she looked up high.

The stars stayed up ‘till morning,

they made a plan she’d come to prefer.

For they have lived her future a thousand times,

and seen purpose that has yet to be learned.

The girl began to dream of a noise,

As the stars began to send a soft voice.

“Your wish is yours in 10 years.

Start making an extraordinary choice.”

The girl woke confused by what she heard.

“10 years universe?” She cried, with each word.

She went to the mirror so unsure of the figure.

Extraordinary became a subconscious keyword.

The stars knew the emotions she wept.

They knew all the wishes and dreams she kept.

And hoped one day she would see why,

the universe ignored her ‘simple’ request.

Each year came and left quite fast,

the girl struggled in years that passed.

Yet, the girl is growing in strength and age,

learning each lesson just like the stars asked.

And before you know it she’s 24,

And she’s outside the window just like before.

“UNIVERSE,” she screams with bravery.

“Thank you for not granting my wish before.”

The girl didn’t need a wish to be thin.

She has always had light radiating within.

She didn’t need a “perfect” body to be beautiful...

And she wouldn’t want to waste a wish on that again.

She remembered the stars’ said a word unknown.

‘Extraordinary,’ repeats in her head on low.

And choices matter no matter how big or small.

MATTER. like when the sky first said, “No.”

She wished her life could help others with a story,

where we empower you, whether curvy, perky or quirky,

all she wants is for each person to feel confident.

A place where we all felt worthy.

So, she made a place; the girl made BBI.

And clothing stitched with a symbolic butterfly.

One day she hopes her stitched beanie,

Reminds each us we are extraordinary.

The End

End notes:

Thanks for stopping by and if this story moved you or you had any comments or questions please subscribe and comment below.

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I am so happy to be spreading body positive love and hope. I will continue to root for all of you, my friends, family and basically all the humans that existed ever.

I also appreciate anytime anyone shares my work on social media to spread the cause, and helps me to know what you all enjoy reading the most! feel free to use any of the icons for social media for a direct link to share!


Sammy Mills

CEO and Founder of BBI

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