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Happiness is a list of 13 Priceless Gifts

Write a list of 13 priceless gifts.

(They're Free, and your bank account will be Free to be lifted of any worry)


Call your family and friends you don’t get to see this holiday. ( At least your favorite ones ;)


Hugs. I hugged Callie May (a dog of any sort, well any animal I suppose will work)...10 times already today.


Snuggles and a Netflix movies.

I would say a genre but people are always hating so just go onto your Netflix and let them decide. Sorry I can't be responsible for recommending a movie and end with the only comments being about how my movie sucked or it was great. Which .....would then end in a major debate that would get me famous and as great as it would be for my rise to fame, I still want to work for the growth of my company...wait but would this be easier?

NO... I'm good.

No. No. No.

Although, "A dark rise to the top." would be a great news article title.


If it happens it happens.


Finding the old game you used to play as a kid and play it! (Yes it is okay to play games alone, this is why I always win at monopoly.) I'll let your imagination figure that one at.


Do a weird dance to make someone laugh. Not to brag or anything but...this is one of my best qualities.


Go to amazon and look under Unique finds and choose your price and little filters for the perfect random finds. Also perfect for giving yourself a little something because I mean your already buying something for someone else, you're basically selfless at this point. It would almost be RUDE not to treat yourself to a present you so rightfully earned as a reward.


Write a positive message on social media. I challenge everyone to snap a cute picture of the best moment you had today. Whether that's in PJs or a fancy red dress. If you have to work then you are a superstar who deserves some needed kindness! We all look at our best when we are happy!


Write your friends a letter during the winter months.


We all are inside pretending we enjoy the cold but the truth is there is no better time than winter to make your family or friend appreciate sipping hot chocolate and reading you tell them how fabulous they are. (No Hot CoCo is not included in the gift. You can not be expected to buy everything.)

Also, all other seasons are still acceptable, but if you really want to get some points it might be worth waiting for the cold, when everybody is bored and cold laying under 37 blankets watching the same reruns on Netflix for the 3rd time.

(SURPRISE: a Netflix movie recommendation: What happened to Monday)


Give yourself a gift! You can do it right now as you read this.

Take a breath and check-in with yourself. Remember to enjoy the holiday, birthday or random gift giving reason occasion!

Mom's I am talking to you the most.

You deserve e endless appreciation during the holidays, and you often don't get much. Let me just say, you're doing great and if he doesn't like the presents then you can return them and get yourself a bottle of wine instead.


Eat an extra cookie while nobody is watching.


Eat ANOTHER cookie while everyone WATCHES. (Yes dogs or animals count as a witness).


A message from me...

Be kind. To yourself most of all. You deserve it, you magnificent unicorn.

To whomever this message reaches,

I want to wish you all the happiest day today. I hope that your holiday is lifted with joy and spirit and you enjoy every bit of time you get to spend with your family.

we keep fighting and celebrating the moments that matter with friends and family. So for many, Be kind to yourself today and tomorrow!

DO NOT let anyone tell you that you can't have an extra cookie or celebrate with a desert if there is a party! XO, Sammy Mills CEO and Founder of Beyond Body Images

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