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Share a Photo that makes you Feel Confident. Then, Explain...Why?


Share a photo that makes you feel confident and ask yourself why?

Here are my reasons.


It felt as if that part still holding on had finally let go. It was no longer with me even as a passing thought. It had been years since I've been in a stable recovery but this time felt different.

I remember... I was sitting in the bright green grass, and the weather was still so warm, and the earth's energy grounded beneath my feet. The air was filled with sunshine energy that flowed all around me so beautifully.

Effortlessly that sun brought a smile that was externally shown and internally formed a space for me to be who I am.

I spent far too many years chasing a disease.

Eating disorders (anorexia in this case) lingered on me each day I tried on 15 different outfits because I psychically felt uncomfortable being in my skin.

. This disease fed off my need for control by divoring the insecurities I wanted gone until my life force became an empty destructive hole. It was unfair to me at 14. it’s unfair to take people further down when they feel weak but diseases can’t talk so we do not see their manipulation.

I worry humanity can’t see how much we are drowning.

We turn on the news, a social media feed and less than 3 seconds of our day we are wallowing in toxicity. We might not feel the bitterness, frustraction or anger everytime we feel a “perfect being” through a screen, but it still Impacts people And our environment negativity.

It’s my dream to make sure each person who is suffering or has felt uncomfortable in their skin, to stand with me, standing with the slogan “Beauty has no Brand“ is a freedom and power I want to spread.

A Freedom we can all finally stop and just appreciate it's valuable mindset.

So Humanity keep in mind your beauty is the inner strength all of us have and should believe in with all our might.

We are capable of much more than what we often act. Let's change that ✌️


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Sammy Mills

CEO Beyond Body Images

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