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Beauty in Empowerment: How to Remind Yourself how far you have Come

There is Beauty in Empowerment!


That includes Empowering YOU!


What time can you look back on and be reminded of your growth?


I did it. I got myself together just long enough to pack my bags and leave my hometown. I had been dreaming about this day for far too long and I could feel the attachment of bad memories fall off of me as I drove away from my old city. The truth is there is never a right time to leave anywhere. I had to look around for the first time without blurring out the reality of how unhappy I was. It's moments such as these you can choose to find a silver lining rather than let negative energy consume you. For a long time, I did. One by one every decent part of my life faded away or no longer gave me strength and growth. I was stuck and surrounded by a repeating cycle. There were no more adventures to seek or people to understand the value of conversation. I knew if I stayed even a few days longer I was going to lose it.


After the move I spent most of my time finding a job, settling in, and reminding myself how important of a step this was. Until the rush wore down, I no longer needed a map and I was starting to wonder what was next. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it would be countless mental breakdowns and crying sessions in the middle of the kitchen floor. I don't think anyone can prevent this part, but if you can handle that type of loneliness then I can promise the outcome is worth it. Ice cream helps. No one likes feeling alone or unsure about what you want out of life, but as a generation, we are fixated on immediate gratification that makes it nearly impossible for self-growth. I remember crying after work one day because I was bored. It sounds silly, but it hit me that the only people I've talked to are at my job, and I was afraid I would never find the relationships I left. But it taught me to seek fulfillment in simple moments, and to give myself patience because these things take time.


I had never really been alone. Honestly, for a moment, I was embarrassed that I wasn't going out and actively trying to build a relationship but I realized it's okay to be alone. It is okay to cry because you feel lonely. if more people let themselves just feel that heartache they would be able to seek a long-term ability to be self-reliant, rather than a temporary fix. If there is one takeaway I will have from moving for the first time, is getting to see my worth and strength shine in a time it could have fallen to the bottom of an ocean. I told myself every night I was feeling down that when I wake up the next day I will be stronger than the day before because I relied on myself. The empowerment I felt was endless. It made me love myself again. Taking care of yourself is essential. Our society is in constant commotion, and we all get tired of running. Sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and reflect.

Thank you!

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-Sammy Mills

CEO and Founder of Beyond Body Images

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