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Affirmation Chart: Body Image Awareness Activity

My Affirmation Chart: Change a negative thought to a positive affirmation.

Affirmations, whether intended to be or not, have power. That means even when we say hurtful things over and over again to ourselves. We will start to believe them. Below are body image affirmations that take a negative thought and turn it into a beautiful affirmation. I encourage you all to stop next time you say something hurtful to your body or someone else’s. To write it down, then write it over by changing the negative to a positive. When we do this we take away the power of a statement that hurt us and gave us a second chance to affirm what is true, that you are worthy, beautiful, inevitable you.

My body defines my worth.


Your body holds your mind and soul. The soul is worthy and the mind is learning. The physical body has no part, other than letting your heart shine bright.

I don’t look as beautiful as that girl, her body is perfect I hate it


I am beautiful, as is she. We are both who we were meant to be.

If only I was 10 pounds lighter.


I am happy with my body as it is.

I can’t do it. I am nothing without my diet, eating disorder, or body dysmorphia.


You are everything and that is beautiful. You choose every day to believe in yourself. To be wonderful.

I choose my diet over my hungry body.


I choose nutrition over body image.

My worth is defined by what others think.


My worth is defined by me alone. I reflect through self-love.

My social media page has to be perfect and so do I.


My social media page is authentic and enjoyed with confidence and without stress. I take breaks if I need them.

I am a body image.


I am BEYOND body image.

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Sammy Mills

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