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Your Guide to the Best Metaphysical books to Read on Your Spiritual Journey!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Everything from Chakras to Tarot card books - this is your guide to the best metaphysical books I have found through my journey!

I hope you enjoy!




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Human Design Breakdown of the Basics:

Understanding Human Design by Karen Curry


Breaks down the different aspects of basic foundational chart reading. It does this by giving brief descriptions of all the types, lines, channels, gates and circuitry. It is a GREAT tool to have because it is quick to pull out when you need a reference for a gate or an overview of something as a beginner.


Beginner books for learning about AURAS:

Understanding Auras by Callie Url


This book is so awesome! It is simple and easy to read and gives you an overview of auras and what the colors mean. There are exercises as well for how to see your own aura and how to see others. It is PERFECT if you want to get your feet wet with learning about auras.


Beginner books for learning about CHAKRAS

Understanding Chakras by Callie Url


This is a great simple guide as well by the same author as the one about auras! It talks about each of the chakras and gives mini tips about what type of crystals or other exercises can help you unblock each chakra. It also of course goes over each chakra!


For Protection:

The Witch's Shield by Christopher Penczak


Do not let the Witch word freak you out this book is to explain how to protect you fro psychic attacks and any how to protect yourself when you practice in any spiritual healing (even meditations that are deep or hypnotic)

THIS BOOK COMES WITH A DVD for Protection meditations and more.



Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan and illustrated by Jos. A. Smith


Tons of history and psychology about the chakras in the first half. The second half focusing on energy blocking, healing and how to use clairvoyance or intuition to guide you in your spiritual healer practice. Tons of exercises and explanation on spiritual healing and the responsibility that you must maintain in doing this work. At the end it goes into how to ensure you are keeping yourself in line and healthy as well as your patiences or clients. AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS.



Honestly the name explains itself. This GIANT book has everything you have ever wanted to know about charkas. From History to science and mantras, suite energy anatomy. It has the breakdown of how chakra systems are in all parts of the world and the break down between them. For example the chakra system of old Europe or chakra systems of India. Literally anything you could possibly want to know about chakras is probably in this book. GREAT TOOL AND HANDBOOK FOR ADVANCED. (Can be a good guide for beginners though - it just has a lot and might be confusing to read or unnecessary stuff to know when you are first starting out).


Books on Clairvoyance and psychic development:

Awaken Clairvoyant Energy by Cyndi Dale


This book is for BEGINNERS who want to open up and exercise growth in their clairvoyant gifts. Also breaks down the 6 different types and has over 21 exercises that range from opening your third eye to feeling chakras and healing your energy space.

Psychic development...Beyond Beginners by Melanie Barnum


This book is more ADVANCED. This book has a small overview of the basics and goes into psychic symbols and how to recognize and receive messages Talks about protecting your power and chakras while your energy vibration is getting stronger this is vital. It talks more about mindfulness, meditations and tools to help you and work with your guides. Mediumship, professional development non this field and tons of advanced practices. 25 exercises included.


Books on understanding and using tarot:

Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom a Tarot Journey to Self-awareness by Rachel Pollack


This is really something everyone who is learning tarot to someone who is advanced should have. It tells the story of Tarot specifically the most used and poplar Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite (Rider Pack). It goes over all the cards and how they work together. It also gives multiple spread examples at the end. But if you want to really get to know each card READ THIS BOOK.

365 TAROT SPREADS by Sasha Graham


I LOVE THIS BOOK. Especially if you are new or trying out spreads for tarot this is the book for you. It takes a piece of history from each day and creates a spread for that day. You can also jump around if you are looking for specific answers in a category like business or love. It has a spread for each day of the year and it really helps develop your skills and keeps you practicing at least once a day. If you are tired of looking up spreads or doing 3 card spreads this is the book to buy.


Book about Crystals:

The CRYSTAL HEALER by Philip Permutt


If you love crystals and want to know which ones help with specific chakras and what each type of crystal does THIS IS THE BOOK TO BUY. It literally has everything from preparing your crystals and cleaning them to meditation and remedies. MOST importantly it has a color coded break down of over 250 different crystals. Each one has their healing qualities, which chakra and astrological association goes with it and even where its commonly sourced.


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