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Be Great and Meditate!


Sometimes taking the time to slow down can let your body and mind heal. Take time to let yourself rest from the hustle of daily life. Be sure to always take the time to love yourself. Here are 4 of my favorite meditations that I use to align my chakras and to stay balanced.

I am going to start with one that is 5 minutes to one that is 30. If you are just starting out I recommend reading my newest blog (click here to read that post) on tips and tricks on how to meditate, and also starting with just 5 minutes a day. You will be surprised how much easier it was to form as a habit.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Let that sink in.

I personally use guided meditation as I can distracted easily, and it changed my life when it came to mediation. These are all guided.

1. This is 5 minute short version of Chakra alignment.

it allows you to feel the power of how much this can work, while also only taking up 5 minutes. It is beautiful. "5 Minute Chakra Balancing"

2. This Video is about 10 minutes long.

It also has the same voice that I really enjoyed in the first video that is calming and not distracting but goes through all the chakras.

3. This video is about 20 minutes and its more of a deeper connecting with all chakras.

This "Balancing Your Chakras with Healing Experience" with help you understanding of where each chakra is, allowing you to focus on each one and build a deeper connecting with how it feels. It keeps your mind learning about each chakra and the importance it plays in your life.

4. This is the best meditate for spirit guide meeting.

It sounds a bit strange and I recommend starting with the first two if you are new to meditation. However I am telling you it is so peaceful and can be enjoyed whether you have a belief in anything or just want to be better connected with the universe. It really works.

5. This is great once you have had some practice with meditation and want to learn more about the power of your third eye.

"Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation connecting with spirit gudies and psychic abilities" This is my favorite one for people just trying to figure out more of their third eye and how other mediation connects to other dimension or time and space.It just allows you to see small pockets of what your imagination can build for you. It also makes you feel like a kid as you watch the way your imagination can lift off without being afraid of your third eye.

Of course if you have any request, comments or questions feel free to write them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. And be sure to check out new collection! I appreciate every single one of you, and I am so proud of anyone who tries to mediate. It can be tough to stick with, but it is worth it!

Your friends, always,

Sammy Mills

CEO and Founder

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